For Parents

The Thrive Guide is a plan to support your emotional health and wellbeing during motherhood by setting up supportive systems before they may be needed.

Becoming a parent is a big life event, and we recognize the (sometimes invisible) mental and emotional load of motherhood. You matter. Your experiences matter. Your mental health matters.

How to Use the Thrive Guide

Use the Thrive Guide to outline strategies to support your well-being. Brainstorm a trusted, supportive person to reach out to with a “signal”—a predefined word or phrase that says 'hey, I could use a break/support/care right now,' have contacts for support and care in one place, and reflect on ways you feel seen and cared for.

Consider sharing your completed Thrive Guide with your partner, close friends or family, and your provider—anyone on your team.

More Resources

Visit our Resources page for more perinatal mental health resources.